Frequently Asked Questions from the customers of Malawi

  • Do we have an Office in Malawi?

    Unfortunately, we currently do not have a physical office in Malawi for you to visit. However, in order to facilitate our customers, we are taking orders online through our website.

    Which tractor is the best for me?

    As someone new to farming, a little research comes a long way. You have to select a tractor in light of your necessities and needs. In this respect, Tractor Provider Malawi is here to help. You can check out our online support for help and consultation on which tractor to opt for.

    What are farm implements? Are they any good?

    Farm implements are the hand tools or machine attachments that go with the tractor to help in a farm enterprise. Implements are useful when it comes to delicate tasks that can’t be normally done by hand.

    What kind of tractors do we sell at our dealership in Malawi?

    We have the top-rated tractor lineup from Massey Ferguson for sale in different form factors, drives, and HPs. The same goes for the New Holland tractor lineup that we have and the Japanese used tractors, as well as our outstanding Kubota Combine Harvesters.

    Looking for ways to connect with us?

    To connect with us, you can call on the given phone numbers via WhatsApp or directly. Another way to connect with us would be via the company’s official email address, and lastly, you can use our website’s built-in feature, it lets the user chat in real-time to our online support and ask any queries they might have.

    What Currency do we Accept?

    Local currency will only be accepted if we have a physical presence in that country, which we currently do not have in Malawi. Hence, Tractor Provider Malawi accepts payments in either US Dollars or JPY. For more details about banking, check the bank details page on our official website.

    Did I get a malfunctioning Vehicle?

    Let’s say your tractor or that used farm implements you ordered turns out to be malfunctioning, there is no need to worry. Tractor Provider Malawi takes full responsibility and will help you fix your issue. We have universal helpline numbers of the top experts in the field that are ready to help you whenever you need them.

    Would I be able to review the hardware before making a purchase?

    We don’t have a physical yard you can visit in Malawi however; you can check our online inventory or ask our crew for detailed insights on the particular item you want to purchase. They will connect you to a reliable source and provide you with all the necessary information about any particular tractor or implement.

    Are Stock Spare parts available?

    Yes, all of our products come with stock spare part availability. If you ever misplace or happen to break apart, we at Tractor Provider Malawi offer our customers a wide range of stock and custom spare parts for their beloved tractors and implements.